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The first man in history to become pregnant speaks up

New York, NY (AP) -- The world's first pregnant man is finally speaking up today after months of relative silence about his remarkable condition.

Officials at RYT Hospital-Dwayne Medical Center in New York today has confirmed reports that Mr. Lee Mingwei, a Taiwanese American artist who has exhibited at The Whitney Museum of American Art, will be holding a news conference today to answer questions about his historic pregnancy.

RYT Hospital's web site,, has been online for a number of years during the early stages of their clinical trials with this procedure. Initial errors with the web site led some observers to believe that his pregnancy was a hoax.

"Americans are so gullible," wrote a visitor on the web site's message board. Several other web sites have also claimed to show proof that Mr. Lee's pregnancy was fictitious.

For better or worse, however, it seems that fertility experts have accomplished another unsettling achievement in the brave new world of human reproduction. The actual clinical data is currently being reviewed by outside sources, but initial findings seem to confirm the claims by RYT Hospital.

"Fertility experts have known for years that men could bear children," explains Dr. Elizabeth Preatner, a prenatal geneticist and embryologist at RYT Hospital. "With the success of delivering ectopic pregnancies in women, it has became clear that a uterus is not essential to childbirth. We have proven that within the proper biochemical environment, an embryo can indeed implant itself within a male abdominal cavity and thrive."

Dr. Preatner is already receiving requests from as far away as India to start creating pregnant men. "A woman from India asked me to fly over and impregnate her husband, who – upon hearing about male pregnancy – has insisted that he carry their second child."

Is this the next stage in the fight for gender equality? Stay tuned.

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