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POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy
Message Boards
POP! The First Human Male Pregnancy
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Message Boards - I want to be a pregnant man

"I've dreamed about this my entire life. Sign me up! I think I'd be a fantastic father in every way possible. And now I can participate in literally every step of my child's life ... from the embryo on up!"

"When Remy heard about Male Pregnancy, he insisted that he carry our next child!"

United States
"My wife is a partner at a law firm, and we decided a long time ago that it would be very difficult for her to take a pause in her career to have children. Since my job is more flexible, I could definitely take the time to carry the child instead of her! Male Pregnancy is perfect for our lifestyle!"

United States
"I am a transgendered individual -- a woman now -- who always wanted to have a child. I've been with a wonderful man for many years now and nothing would make me happier that to give him a child. Thank God for male pregnancy and RYT Hospital!"

United States
"This is a dream of mine. I can't believe it."

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